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I made some illustrations of the scenes from Chapters 16, 19 and 20 of Noli me Tangere, written by our esteemed national hero, Jose Rizal. Looking back at these illustrations which I did roughly eight years ago as a school project, I must confess that these were badly drawn! Well, maybe because I used MS Paint and mouse. Still I was amazed on how I imagined the scenes.

This is the town of San Diego.

This is Sisa, preparing a wondrous feast for her two sons, Basilio and Crispin, who will be coming home from their sacristan duties. However, things will go wrong for the rest of the chapter.

This is during the conversation of the teacher in San Diego and Don Ibarra Crisostomo. The teacher is stating his bad experiences in his initiative to improve the education in San Diego.

This is during the meeting for the upcoming fiesta in San Diego, on how they will spend the money, etc. The conservatives and liberals will later on debate with their ideas.


I wrote a poem about a viewpoint of an object, a requirement I need to pass for Inkwell. The object I chose was mirror since I was curious about what would it feel if people always looks at it.

Ayus dito, ayus doon,
Suklay dito, suklay doon
Ay, may biglang sumabit
Sulklayin nang maiigi
Italing mabuti.

Ayus dito, ayus doon
Pahid dito, pahid doon
Nagmamantikang mukha
Pulbusan, paputiin
Ayusin, pantayin.

Ayus dito, ayus doon
Tingin dito, tingin doon
Tanggalin ang sibangot
Alisin mga kunot.
Pawiin ang mungot.

Ngumiti, humarap sa ‘kin
Masdan ang mga damdamin
Pawiin ang lungkutin
Balatkayo’y tanggalin
Maging tunay sa sarili

Sapagkat ako ay ikaw
At ikaw naman ay ako
Ako ang repleksyon
Nang ‘yong mga kilos
Larawan nati’y pareho.