MBB Seminar

This day, I attended the “Psychedelic Epidemic Spread the Knowledge Seminar” which would discuss several topics regarding Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in UP Diliman. I was chosen representative because I signed up for it; I thought that this seminar would somewhat arouse my interest in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology – one of the courses I might take in college.

It was Intrams this day so we just skipped the games.  I already finished Marathon during the first day so I guess it was okay. We took our ride in three seperate taxis, leading to the Albert Hall inside UP Diliman campus (where the seminar took place).

It was interesting as I expected; there were a lot of lectures regarding different topics in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and an activity regarding forensics science where we have to pinpoint the suspect by matching blood evidences. The lecturers were also quite knowledgeable and good-humored, all which are majors of this course.

One of the images in the slideshow; nice drawing!


The summary of all the topics lectured were Forensics, Central Dogma of Molecular Biology, Genetically-Modified Organisms, and Medicinal Benefits of MBB. The seminar really inspired me to take the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology as a Pre-med course, but still, I’m not a hundred percent sure with my decision. But certainly, I would take a Biology-related course.


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